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Shampoo for the treatment of the lice from the head. Helps to remove the nits. Suitable for children aged 24 months of age.

Composition: Permethrin 1.5%, piperonyl of butoxide 3%, vinegar from Quasia Amara, oil of Citronella.

Directions: It is recommended to begin treatment, only when live lice are displayed. Use only this product, with higher concentration of permethrin that it usual, when there is a high degree of infestation. Do not use together with other products pediculicides. If other pediculicides products have been used previously, previously wash the head with your shampoo.

  • Apply Kife shampoo pediculicide on the hair wet from the root towards them tips, rubbing gently especially in the neck and behind the ears. Leave on 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with abundant water warm.
  • Dry the hair without sources of heat with towel or to the air.
  • Is recommended use the comb Kife comb barbed for delete them nits attached to the hair.
  • If it persists the infestation, repeat the treatment within 7 days.

Presentation: 100 ml bottle.

Referencia: C.N. 154733.0
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