NeOpuntia® is a unique lipophilic fiber, developed and produced by Nexira, France. It is a 100% natural and functional ingredient that can be incorporated into dietary supplements for weight management and wellness applications.

NeOpuntia® is made from dehydrated Opuntia ficus-indica cactus leaves thanks to a patented, gentle, chemical-free and solvent-free process (International Patent Number PCT / FR 02/01254). It is certified as Kosher and Organic.


By lipophilic properties, we refer to the ability of NeOpuntia® to attract and bind to fats when in their presence.

In more scientific terms, lipophilia, or fat-addiction, refers to the ability of a chemical to dissolve in fats, oils, lipids and non-polar solvents. Lipophilic substances have a strong affinity for fats, which induce interactions between these lipophilic compounds and fats.

In vitro tests showed that the soluble and insoluble fibers contained in NeOpuntia® physically interact with fats:

Step 1: The hydrophobic interaction takes place between the fats and the insoluble fibers
Step 2: The primary interactions are stabilized by soluble fibers (polysaccharides that create a fluid gel, stable at any pH).
Therefore, NeOpuntia® can be involved to reduce the absorption of fat in the body, with instant effect starting in the stomach.


A large set of studies on NeOpuntia® was performed to confirm its lipophilic properties. The latest clinical study goes even further: it also reveals its health benefits related to the regulation of blood lipid levels.

Lipophilic properties
In vitro tests simulating gastrointestinal conditions showed that:

NeOpuntia® may decrease the bioavailability of fatty acids by more than 28%.
The lipophilic capacity NeOpuntia® is much larger than that of chitosan

Beyond weight control, for more health benefits…

Nexira conducted a larger study designed to assess the ability of NeOpuntia® to manage 5 risk factors typically associated with the metabolic syndrome (syndrome X).
The study highlights that along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, NeOpuntia® for food may help:

  • Regulate some lipid parameters of the blood, which are generally associated with the reduction of cardiovascular risks.
    Influence positively on the diagnosis of Syndrome X.
  • The results of this study are published: E. Linares et al. “The effect of NeOpuntia® on blood lipid parameters – Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X)”. Advances in Therapy Vol. 24; No. 5, September / October 2007; (1113-1223). Abstraction.


ASPOLVIT SLIM ABSORBE GRASAS, helps to absorb and eliminate fats. Decreases and controls appetite.

Composition: NeOpuntia®, Glucomannan, Vegetable Chitosan and L-Carnitine.

How to use: It is recommended to take 2 capsules 15 minutes before lunch and dinner.

Presentation: Via oral, 60 capsules.