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Lotigén Suavizante Capilar

LOTIGEN - Hair softener with sun protection, vitamins and ginseng. Helps to untangle and soften hair frizz - 300 ml - Hair softener suitable for all types of hair for men and women - Conditioner with ginseng, sunscreen, vitamins and silk proteins to leave hair soft, shiny and protected throughout the day. Paraben-, silicone- and colorant-free - Specially suitable to soften, untangle and prevent frizz in the most damaged hair - Provides a moisturising action, with vitamins as a nutritive factor and a solar filter. Does not make hair greasy and has an anti-static effect - 300 ml container LOTIGEN hair softener is designed to soften, untangle and prevent hair frizz for men and women.

Thanks to its components such as ginseng, vitamins and silk proteins, it provides the hair with a silky touch and an intense shine, as well as giving all-day protection. All the nutritional factors it contains provide a moisturising action, without making hair greasy. At the same time, it produces an anti-static effect, leaving a silky appearance.

C.N. 383018.8

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