Our laboratory - Interpharma


INTERPHARMA, S.A. is a private held company with 100% Spanish capital.Founded in 1972 as a Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Pediculicide Laboratory, it is now also approved as a Vitamin and Food Supplements Laboratory.

INTERPHARMA has in its portfolio medicines included in the Spanish National Health System, and all of its products (Medicines, Cosmetics, Pediculicides, Vitamin and Food Supplements) are distributed through the pharmacy channel throughout the national territory.

Since its inception, INTERPHARMA has been committed to the research, development, production, and marketing of all its products.In its R&D department, INTERPHARMA develops its own original formulas, always obtaining excellent results in terms of efficiency, quality, and innovation due to the great quality of the raw materials used.

The pharmaceutical rigour that has prevailed since INTERPHARMA's inception is what makes it possible for the company to maintain the maximum quality and safety assurance, a project in which the company's professional team also plays a leading role.

INTERPHARMA sells its products in pharmacies, since the pharmacist's advice is extremely important in the health care of all of us.