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Erosil Dermo

EROSIL - Dermoprotective family shower gel with vitamins - 1000 ml - Dermoprotective shower gel for daily body and hair hygiene - Suitable for use by the whole family - Does not contain parabens, colorants, or silicone - Contains glycerine, burdock and vitamins that favour the daily balance of the skin - 1 Litre container. Dermatologically tested EROSIL Shower Gel is suitable for use by the whole family, including men, women and children. Dermoprotective shampoo and shower gel for everyday body and hair hygiene.

Dermatologically tested, it cares for and protects your skin and hair throughout the day, giving it a strong, healthy and shiny look. Due to its natural ingredients: Burdock and Glycerine, it softens and moisturises the body,
Due to its high tolerance, it is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive,
like children's.

C.N. 385013.1

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