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Intergén Champú

INTERGEN - Anti-seborrheic and oily hair shampoo with sabal and salicylic acid - 250 ml - Treatment for hair hygiene and care with sebaceous hypersecretion or greasy hair - INTERGEN is an anti-seborrheic shampoo that cleans and cares for oily hair, with an intense cleansing action. It also eliminates the itching caused by an excess of grease. - It is made up by Salicylic Acid and sabal extract which reduce sebum and make hair clean again, restoring the natural balance to the scalp. - Instructions for use: Apply to wet hair and scrub gently until it foams. Then after a few minutes, rinse with plenty of water. - 250 ml container INTERGEN Shampoois both a care and hygiene treatment for hair containing sebaceous hypersecretion or greasy hair. INTERGEN is dual action: on the one hand, it combats greasy hair with an intense cleansing action and, on the other hand, it cares for the scalp by removing the itchiness caused by an excess of grease.

C.N. 385088.9