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KIFE - Insecticide-free anti-lice oil for infants with lemongrass oil Eliminates lice and nits in a single application. Includes barbed comb! - 100 ml - Insecticide-free topical solution recommended for the treatment of lice infestations in children - Suitable for children from 12 months of age - Thanks to the included spiked comb it can untangle the hair and thus help to remove the nits - Formulation: Dimethicone, Cyclic Silicones, Quassia Amara Oil, Lemongrass Oil - 100 ml container KIFE anti-lice oil is an insecticide-free topical solution for children, recommended for the treatment of lice infestations. Thanks to its insecticide-free formula, with natural lemongrass extract, it closes the capillary pore, lubricating and preventing lice and nits from attaching themselves.

Suitable for children older than 12 months

KIFE anti-lice oilincludes a spiked comb perfect for effortlessly untangling hair and helping to remove nits

C.N. 161080.5

KIFE Oil es una solución tópica infantil sin insecticidas, indicada para el tratamiento de pediculosis. Gracias a su fórmula realizada sin insecticidas con extracto natural de citronela cierra el poro capilar, lubricando e impidiendo que las liendres y piojos se fijen en ellos. Indicado para niños mayores de 12 meses.

KIFE+ Oil incluye un peine de púas perfecto para desenredar el cabello sin esfuerzos y ayuda a desprender las liendres.

  • Solución tópica sin insecticidas indicada para el tratamiento de pediculosis infantil
  • Apto para niños a partir de 12 meses de edad
  • Gracias al peine de púas que incluye se puede desenredar el cabello y así ayudar a desprender las liendres
  • Envase de 100 ml

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