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KIFE+ Loción

KIFE - Children's anti-lice lotion with natural lemongrass extracts. Insecticide-free formula that eliminates nits and lice. Includes spike comb! - 100 ml - Pediculicide lotion recommended for eliminating nits and lice from the little ones. In addition, it prevents their proliferation - KIFE is recommended for children over 24 months of age - Its insecticide-free formula and with natural lemongrass extract closes the capillary pore, lubricating the area and preventing the nits and lice from attaching themselves - Formulation: Permethrin 1.5%, piperonyl butoxide 3%, ethyl alcohol 71.05%, quassia amara vinegar, andiroba oil, lemongrass oil - 100 ml container KIFE anti-lice lotion is a pediculicide treatment recommended for the elimination of lice and nits, also avoiding their proliferation. Lice and nits are one of the most common discomforts during the childhood stage. Therefore, KIFE anti-lice lotion is recommended for the little ones, from 24 months of age.

C.N. 154731.6

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