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ASPOLVIT - Antiox Forte Vitamin-rich antioxidant capsules delay cellular and cutaneous aging - 60 capsules - Antioxidant and anti-aging supplement with double action. Delays cellular and cutaneous aging - Compound based on vitamins and red vine extract, which rejuvenate the appearance thanks to the enhancement of cellular function. - Instructions for use: Take 1 tablet daily at breakfast with a glass of water, for a minimum of 3 months - Formulation: Resveratrol, Vitis Vinifera, Coenzyme Q10, Selenium. - Container with 60 capsules ASPOLVIT Antiox Forte is an antioxidant supplement with double action. On the one hand it delays cell aging, and on the other, cutaneous aging. Thanks to its formulation based on vitamins and red vine extract, it boosts the skin's rejuvenation thanks to the cellular functions' strengthening

ASPOLVIT Antiox Forte Actions

- Antioxidant action:helps stop the appearance of free radicals, which oxidise the skin, causing premature aging.
- Venotonic action:helps to improve the blood's circulation by reinforcing the blood vessels.
- Protective actionhelps to reinforce the immune system's defences.

C.N. 156868.7

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