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ASPOLVIT CARE+ Solar Intensive

ASPOLVIT - Solar Intensive food supplement helps natural tanning. Contains Green Tea and Beta Carotene - 60 tablets - ASPOLVIT's Solar Intensive capsules is a food supplement that helps intensify tanning naturally during sun exposure - In turn, it accelerates the process and helps to lengthen it, thanks to its formulation of Beta-carotene, lycopene, pomegranate, green tea - It is recommended to take one tablet a day in the morning, one month before, during and after sun exposure - Container with 60 tablets orally ASPOLVIT Solar Intensiveis a food supplement for men and women that helps to intensify suntan naturally, during and after exposure to the sun. Ideal for fair skin,thanks to its components such as beta carotene, intensifying tanning in a long-lasting and substantial way.

C.N. 164219.6

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