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ASPOLVIT CARE+ Visión Mácula

ASPOLVIT - Vision macula supplement for tired eyesight. Prevents tired eyesight - 60 capsules - It is a food supplement with double action: it helps to prevent tired eyesight and prevents macular degeneration - This supplement improves and maintains eye health - It also helps lubricate the eyes and prevent its dryness - Formulation: Lutein, Seaxanthin, Cranberry, Vitamin A - Container with 60 capsules ASPOLVIT Vision macula is a double action eye supplement. On the one hand it helps to prevent tired eyesight and on the other hand, it acts to prevent ocular degeneration. It also improves and maintains eye health. ASPOLVIT Ocular Vision helps with the lubrication and prevents dry eyes.

C.N. 167658.0

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